Employment Survival Guide By Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr

Employment Survival Guide
By Cliffe Dekker Hofmeyr
This is the Ultimate Employment Survival Guide
Know your Employment Rights (19 Pages)
Questions and Answers including –

  • SHUTDOWN! What about employees?
  • Annual Leave
  • Temporary Employee Relief Scheme
  • Reduced salary
  • UIF Special Leave

The COVID – 19 (or “Coronavirus”) is spreading. Employers and employees have a role to play in limiting its impact. In this alert, we answer some of the most pressing questions that have been asked over the past few days.*

  • What is an employee’s sick leave entitlement?
  • Must an employee be paid for sick leave?
  • When is an employer not required to pay sick leave?
  • What are the basic requirements for the medical certificate?
  • What if sick leave is exhausted?
  • What about “special leave”?
  • Will the Department of Labour assist employers in distress?
  • When can an employee be dismissed due to the Coronavirus?
  • May employers consider retrenchments due to the impact of the Coronavirus?
  • May an employer require an employee to use annual leave
  • May employees be required to work from home?
  • As an employer, what are my obligations whilst the workplace is open?
  • As an employee, what are my obligations, if the workplace is open?
  • Practical Tips if the workplace is open

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