Nuwe minimum loon vir plaaswerkers aangepas

We understand from the Employment Standards Division of the Department of Labour that the new minimum wages as announced by them and circulated by us to members last week, has been revoked. Apparently a mistake was made with the calculation which necessitated a slightly decreased adjustment. The CPI figures appeared to have been misinterpreted.

Instead of the increase being 7.0% it is now
6.4% (November 2013 CPI figure for quintile 1 = 4.9% + 1.5%; as per the Sectoral Determination)

With effect from 1st March 2014 this will lead to the following minimum figures:

Per hour: R12.41
Per 9 hour day: R111.72 (if appointed on a daily basis)
Per week of 45 hours: R558.60 (weekly basis)
Per month: R2420.41 (monthly basis).

NB: Even though we obtained these figures from the Department’s official website it may be prudent to delay implementation until it is announced in the Government Gazette. We will keep members informed.

Nuusbrief Januarie 2014 No 2